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7.83 Hz

As a result of lightning discharges worldwide standing waves propagate through the earth’s atmosphere. These waves are known as the Schumann resonance. The longest wave, with a frequency of 7.83 Hz, hits the Earth and the ionosphere once per round.

Schumann_resonance_01 kopie 2.png

In this work, the electromagnetic waves are expressed in sound. Oscillators generate audio waves of 7.83 Hz, 14.3 Hz and 20.8 Hz respectively, and loudspeakers play those frequencies: the sounds are just too low to be heard.

Conical horns placed on the loudspeakers vibrate in time with the frequency: they do make audible noise. By using different types of paper and different sizes of horns in a programmed cycle, an ever-changing sound sculpture is created.


These works were made possible by Mondriaan Fund

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